Room access control

What is it?

The control of attendees is essential to the planning of an event and I.S.C. supports this new technology based on radio frequency. It is a system that ensures the automatic identification of attendees.

How does it work?

While distributing the accreditation we can control the number of attendees whom shall be participating in the event. This accreditation contains a computer chip that stores all the necessary information of the attendee. When passing through the Room Access Control points, the attendee is identified using a system of radio waves which in turn sends the information gathered to a central server where it is stored.

What are the uses?

This system allows full control over the attendance and participation of the delegate to the congress and any area or point of interest where it is necessary to monitor or assess the impact of assistance, for example at accredited activities and thus guaranteeing the correct issue of (attendance/assistance...etc.) certificates.

The system features a welcome screen that can confirm the participation to the delegate that he/she has assisted correctly at accredited activities.

More advantages

Besides the reliability and speed that this system offers, it is presented as a business option to the client. Due to its easy portability and strategic positioning, it makes it perfect for advertising placement and therefore making it a source of income rather than an expense.

Attendance control reports
  • Conference attendance reports.
  • Room and session attendance reports.
  • Statistics of attendees dwell time.
  • Certificates of attendance.
  • Certificates of official continuing education credits.
Room access control System

Our work consists of the performance of the following tasks:

One month before the start of the Congress:

  • Tailoring of the system with the corporate image of the Congress (design tasks):
    • Website platform of the system.
    • Welcome e-mail.
    • Certificate of attendance.
  • Configuration of the system according to the requirements specified by the customer:
    • Minimum percentages of attendance to obtain the certificate.
    • Creating the final satisfaction survey (more criteria can be requested from the attendees, either voluntarily or by obligation).
  • A study of the technical needs of the Congress.

Two weeks before the start of the Congress:

  • The client has to provide the list of attendees to the Congress in Excel format with the following information: name, surname, e-mail (each attendee must have a valid e-mail).
  • The list of attendees shall be downloaded to the system.
  • Automatic generation of unique access passwords for each attendee to Congress.
  • Revision and refinement of the list.
  • If the client chooses to print their own badges the client has to provide them to us, they have to meet at least the following requirements:
    • 10, 5 cm wide x 12 cm high.
    • Each will come with its corresponding distinctive plastic sleeve and in alphabetical order.
  • If client instructs us with the task of printing badges we shall define the badges design, its content (based on predetermined fields) and other features with the customer.
  • Relate the RFiD labels with the attendee badges.
  • Sending of automated welcome e-mail to the system. This e-mail includes instructions on the operation of the platform (instructions, link access to the platform, e-mail and passwords).
  • Generation (in pdf format) of a welcome letter to the system, for printing and inclusion in the documentation of the attendees.

The same week of the Congress:

  • Displacement, transportation and installation of equipment by technicians of ISC.
  • Introduction into the system of new registrations (on-site).
  • Making changes and modifications.
  • Technical assistance during the days of the Congress, according to the schedule of the event.
Certificates of Accreditation

A web page shall be enabled whereby the attendees of the event can enter, using their username and password we shall provide, and commence the downloading of their certificates. To provide this information we shall need the e-mail addresses of all the attendees of the event.

As to be able to develop the accreditation certificates, the client should provide a model or example to follow, or on the other hand give us permission to use a design of our own.

The following information shall be necessary:

  • The accrediting body.
  • Registry number of the accreditation or the registered project number.
  • Credits granted: for each of the activities or the entire Congress.