Virtual e-Posters exhibition area

The Virtual e-Posters Exhibition Area is a flexible system of the digital exhibition on large Full HD touch screens.

The Virtual e-Poster replaces the old printed paper e-Posters at medical congresses, using two platforms:

  • Online: A personalised web platform for sending, receiving, management and visualisation of e-Posters, using individual usernames and passwords.
    • Web application to insert summaries of abstracts online.
    • Total integration in the web page.
    • Personal area for each delegate where the status of abstracts can be consulted.
    • Personal area for the evaluators of the abstracts.
    • Customisation of evaluations to each event.
    • Predesigned PowerPoint templates to facilitate the design for the author.
    • Uploading of accepted e-Posters from the personal area.
  • On-site: A touchscreen system for the display of e-Posters during the event with multiple viewing options. The system allows for adaptation of the software to your needs.
    • Vertical full HD widescreen monitors with a resolution of 1920x1080px.
    • e-Posters Management Software searchable by title or by author.
    • The software allows e-Poster printing in full colour printers.
    • Customised to event needs.
    • Contains QR code system enabling the downloading of e-Posters directly to your Smartphone.

Benefits of the Virtual e-Poster Exhibition Area
  1. Save on exhibition space and printing costs a green solution for your events.
  2. Time saving for delegates avoiding crowding and allowing the viewing of all the e-Posters from any screen in the exhibition area.
  3. It allows the selection and management of the work sent by authors, which may be sent from the luxury of their homes.