Video Information Wall

What does it consist of?

We introduce the video information wall, the latest novelty in signage, advertising resources and technological tools applied to conferences, meetings and events.

The video information wall consists of a series of display panels placed prominently in front of a table. This replaces the typical and rudimentary poster with the image of the event that is traditionally placed at the foot of presidential tables which is difficult and costly to make changes to during the event.

The display panels of the video information wall are the latest in audio-visual technology. They are plasma and with extra fine edges which results in less than 4mm separation between one and another.

What are its uses?

The Video Information Wall is customised for each event. This is achieved by projecting images with elements of the conference image. The system is fully adjustable and adaptable.

An example for its uses in an event is at conferences with an extensive programme or with a high rotation of speakers or people who are sitting at the table where the Video Information Wall is placed.

The traditional system of the banner with the event image is a fix decorative element. Contrary to this, the Video Information Wall allows us to place different messages at every change of a speaker: names of the people sitting at the table and the title of the lecture, symposium or the conference theme.

All this, together with a powerful design made of the significant elements of the Conference image turns the Video Information Wall into a highly attractive feature for the attendees.

Being a flexible system it is also possible to include images or logos of sponsors of the event or of the lecture.

  • Advertising messages with high visual impact.
  • System flexibility for quick changes.
  • Customised designs according to the event.
  • Modern and stylish decorative element.
  • Generates a great visual impact in the room where placed, generating more interest than in other rooms.
  • Generates more media coverage for the sponsoring brand in the event.