What is it?

For any video recording and editing a correct lighting is necessary so as to the camera shots have an adequate quality and warmth of contrast and image.

The lighting can be carried out plainly by only lighting the needed focus of the camera or artistically taking advantage of this need to provide a touch of colour and contrast in keeping with the scene being recorded.

This allows us to create decorative environments with the corporate colours of the conference and to "bathe" the walls and profiles of the projection screen, creating a warm and relaxing light around the projection.

How does it work?

The system consists of multiple light projectors whose position, colour and intensity is variable from the editing table and will adapt to each of the phases of the presentation or projection.

It consists of several moving heads, spotlights to light the speaker without "tainting" the projection screen and LED bars to "bathe" the walls of the room around the stage.

All this is managed from the editing table.

What are its uses?

Creates an environment with a warm design according to the event, customised in every moment of the presentation and provides the necessary light for recording in an excellent quality. It provides the necessary contrasts and warmth to give each person or speaker the correct range of skin colour and shadows. Avoiding zenith lightings, very frequent in all auditoria and which cast shadows on the eyes and neck, deducting characteristics from the face of the speaker.


It is adapted to your event and gives a unique character in addition to providing the lighting required for high quality recording.

Remember that in the motion picture industry there are specific awards for lighting in films. This shows how important lighting is in digital imaging.