Live Production

What does it consist of?

It is an integrated real-time imaging and audio system of the conference taking place.

The system works based on a system of interconnected cameras, through which the audience receives a detailed view of the speaker’s performance held at that time.

Therefore, the plane of the projection is shared between presentation (slides), corporate image of the event and the foreground with the speaker.

What are the uses?

The Live Production adapts to the needs of every event. This is achieved by customising the background with the corporate image of the Conference and simultaneous viewing of the speaker's presentation slides, collated with images of the audience and the speaker. It is also possible to include videos or any other institutional element you wish to incorporate into the lecture, transforming a conventional projection into an experience that reaches attendees.

The application which controls the Live Production, as well as its modern hardware, allows a high degree of customisation, ranging from changing images which are scheduled in time intervals to alternative images based on the needs of the lecture held at that time.

In addition to the advantages already explained, the application allows the novelty of accessing the recordings of these sessions through the event website. Within a span of a few hours from the completion of the activities, the conference content can be accessed on internet through the Conference website. This allows the viewing of the sessions by those who cannot attend the Conference in person, but can still be part of it through internet.

  • Allows foreground vision of the speaker in auditoriums for large capacity.
  • Compatibility between motion pictures, still pictures and sound recordings.
  • Possibility of including animated resources (Logo in 3D).
  • Projection timed according to priorities.
  • Provides a modern and innovative image to the Conference.
  • Generates a great visual impact in the auditorium where it is placed and produces more interest enhancing attendance to those sessions.
  • Access to recorded content via internet (optional).
  • Generates greater media coverage of the event.
Audio-visuals in Rooms

Within our wide range of professional projectors you can find systems that fit the needs of any event, whether you are thinking of a spectacular display of more than 12m wide as if you are organising a seminar for fifty people.

Let us advise you to find the best solution to your needs: tell us if you want to amplify the image of the speaker so that the public can follow every gesture and detail of the presentation being filmed by live cameras, or if, by using sophisticated presentation systems, you would prefer to show simultaneously different signals on the screen (from a camera/video or computer) using flexible motion, effects and backgrounds for the projection.

In post-production, we can digitally edit the content for video summaries, to adapt it for different web formats or to make an interactive DVD of lectures including pictures from the presentations.