Interactive Floor

What does it consist of?

The Interactive floor becomes the main feature of congresses, conferences, trade shows, advertising campaigns and social events as technological innovation is concerned. Attendees are no longer mere witnesses of the conference, but participants enjoying the latest technology.

The system works through a light projector, an infrared multipoint sensor, a computer with multiprocessor and software which coordinates all devices very meticulously.

What are its uses?

The interactive floor is customised for every event. This is achieved by customising the background with sponsor's elements and mixed with significant conference resources, at the same time as with particles that overlap the background and whose motion is affected by the interaction of the guests at the event.

The application that controls the interactive floor allows a high degree of adjustment, ranging from changes at scheduled time intervals to alternative images based on the motion detected on the surface of the floor.

  • Advertising messages with high visual impact.
  • Multi-user detection at the ground surface.
  • Inclusion of animated resources.
  • Projection timed according to priorities.
  • Provides a modern and innovative image to sponsoring brand.
  • Generates a great visual impact in the room where placed, generating more interest than in other rooms.
  • Generates more media coverage for the sponsoring brand in the event.