Interactive-informative totem + Bluetooth

What does it consist of?

A totem is a product combining the flexibility of a LCD panel and the integration of a PC with a large elegant structure. Its touch screen allows the user to interact with the totem transforming it into a friendly and attractive experience.

The flexibility offered by a connected PC allows us to carry out latest generation apps which generate a high visual impact on the user.

The totem includes an app which will send text messages to mobile phones within a certain distance from it.

What are the uses?

The totem has different uses.

Conference Totem + Bluetooth Messages: this totem includes conference information, some fixed sections (scientific programme, speakers, commercial exhibition, screensaver) and the most relevant aspects of the conference. Also, a section for the sponsor with some images and an ad may be included. Furthermore, it includes an app which sends text messages to mobile phones within a certain distance from it with programme contents and a review of the sponsor.

Personalised Totem: this totem is exclusively designed to be displayed on the reserved area of the stand. It includes an app showing multimedia content (videos, sound, images and texts) with an elegant design matching the conference image. The content to display must be provided by the sponsor.

  1. High visual impact advertising messages.
  2. Interact with the user thanks the touch screen.
  3. Replaces or complements traditional poster panel system.
  4. Multimedia resources inclusion (video and sound).
  5. Touch screen and Pc in one system.
  6. Modern and innovative image to sponsoring brand.
  7. High visual impact where placed, generating a higher expectation tan in other spaces.